Jennifer Alexander MA

                                                     Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

                                             "Come home to your self"

I offer a supportive relationship in which you can discover your path to healing and transformation.  I have successfully helped people of all ages find relief from anxiety, depression, painful memories and relational difficulties.  My wholistic approach honors the body, mind and spirit connection.

I provide a variety of supportive therapies, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) for trauma recovery.  This  accelerated process often allows clients to move from fear and anger to forgiveness and compassion for themselves and others in just a few sessions.  You may click on the above EMDR tab for more information.

I also offer play therapy and art therapy.  I use biofeedback and neurofeedback  which are helpful for anxiety, ADD/ADHD,  increased motivation, improved study skills, meditation and emotional balancing.  

Neurofeedback measures brain activity and allows you to play enjoyable, interactive games on the computer while training yourself to be focused, relaxed and present.  Areas of the brain responsible for mood, attention, motivation, memory, learning, spiritual experience, and more can be targeted to improve functioning in the specific areas you need balancing.  To learn more please go to

Please call me at (831) 425-4466 for a free phone consultation.

My offices are located in Santa Cruz, Soquel, and Campbell, CA.  I am available for weekday, evening, weekend, and online appointments.